The material

The means of elaboration or the SURFACE platform, for the most part of industrial size, reunite the essential of physic deposit un stream phase technology: low pressure cathodic arc, magnetron, spray for the deposit of metal and ceramic film. We also have research-specific means of development for deposits of ultra-thin metallic and organic layers (electron cannon heating, electro-spray, liquid phase deposition by spin coating ...).


The platform SURFACE as also mean of chemical characterisation (MEB-FEG + EDS, SDL), structural (DRX), optic (UV-visible-IR spectrometer), mechanical (NHT, Pion-plane tribometer) and topographic scale of micro (surfometer) to nano (atomic force (AFM) and tunnelling (STM) microscopes). Specific benches of electrochemical characterization (corrosion, measurement of ionic and electric conductivity), thermoelectric measurements (TFA) or gas sensors are also available.