List of the materials used in caracterizations of materials

UHV enclosure with STM microscope

this equipment is used to develop supramolecular self-assemblies on different surfaces and characterization by STM microscopy under ultra-high vacuum

Application : Images in atomic and / or molecular resolution of conductive surfaces

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Microscope AFM

this tool is used to characterize materials (metals, polymers) and nanostructures (absorbed molecules, organic and inorganic nanostructures) at the nanometric scale

Application : characterization of the morphology and surface states on a submicron scale (nanometric resolution). Electrical and mechanical properties

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Glow discharge spectrometer

The glow discharge spectrometer is an elementary analysis method based on optical emission spectroscopy. This technique is used for the qualitative or quantitative analysis of metallic materials and alloys after calibration with certified reference materials (MRC) with an accuracy of about 5%

Application : the elementary analysis in volume and surface of the samples with the possibility of obtaining the distribution profiles, in depth, of a large number of elements

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Scanning electron microscope with field emission gun coupled to an energy dispersion spectrometer

this equipment allows secondary and backscattered electron imaging, measurement of chemical composition

Application: Determination of morphology and study of chemical composition (profile, mapping)
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X-ray diffractometer

used to determine the crystallographic structure and microstructure of coatings or powder.

Application : Crystallography

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AltiSurf 500 profilometer

this equipment is used for the acquisition of microtopographies of profiles or surfaces by scanning with 2 and 3D reconstruction.
Application : Non-destructive technique / Measurement with or without contact / On all types of solid samples Hmax: 9 cm.
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