Properties measurement

Liste de matériel permettant la mesure des propriétés d'une surface.

Microscope AFM

cet outil sert à la caractérisation de matériaux (métaux, polymères) et des nanostructures (molécules absorbées, nanostructures organiques et inorganiques) à l’échelle nanométrique

Application : caractérisation de la morphologie et des états de surfaces à l’échelle submicronique (résolution nanométrique). Propriétés électriques et mécaniques

Onglet : Caractérisations – Mesure des propriétés

Ball-on-disc tribometer

The friction characterizes the resistance of the relative movement between two surfaces in contact. The ball-on-disc tribometer provides access to the coefficient of friction and determines the wear rate of a tribological system according to operational conditions.

Application : Assessment of wear and friction of coatings used for extreme applications

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UV-3600 spectrophotometer, ISR-3100 integration sphere

Determination of optical properties

Application : Measurement of spectral curves in transmission and reflection of powders and coatings, and also of absorption for liquids, determination of color

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Set of devices for measuring hardness

The equipment group is used to measure hardness on different scales ranging from nanosurdness, microhardness and macrohardness. The analysis of footprints allows us to go back to mechanical quantities such as Young’s module, adhesion.

Application : mechanical, checking the adhesion of coatings,

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Coating conductivity measurement bench

This equipment allows the determination of the electrical and ionic conduction properties of thin coatings. Measurements can be made as a function of temperature under a controlled atmosphere.

Application : P or N type electrical conductor, Fuel cell, Sensors,…

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Thin Film Analyzer

The Thin Film Analyzer is used to measure the thermoelectric properties as well as the Hall coefficient of thin layers.

Application : Determine the following quantities of a material: the merit factor (ZT), the specific heat capacity, the electrical conductivity (the Van-der-Pauw method), the Seebeck coefficient, the thermal conductivity (the DC and 3w), the Hall constant, the concentration and the mobility of the charge carriers

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Photocatalytic reactor

The internally developed phtotocatalytic measurement device consists of a spectrophotometer and a reactor. The latter makes it possible to define the photocatalytic activity in the Ultra-Violet (UV) or visible (VIS) field on coatings but also on powders.

Application : define the absorption properties of a material, determine the photocatalytic properties

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Optical microscope

An optical microscope is a device that allows the observation of the surface of a material or the rupture facies. Depending on the desired observation, a mechanical polishing of the sample is carried out followed by a chemical attack in order to reveal particular elements of the material.

Application : metallography, imaging, surface observation

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The ATG / DSC reactor is used to assess the thermal stability, decomposition, composition as well as phase transitions, and melting point of a material. The materials analyzed are in powder form.

Application : Phase transformation, Powder analysis,

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Contact angle

The contact angle device allows the calculation of surface energies and therefore to assess the quality of a surface activation plasma treatment or coating. It is possible to define the hydrophilic or hydrophobic character of a surface.

Application : biomedical, mechanical, surface treatment

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Oven set

 This set consists of several ovens to perform annealing treatments at different temperatures

Application : heat treatment

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Parsat 4000 + Corrosion cell

Can be used for one or two sentences

Application : Fuel cell, metallurgy (corrosion).

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