Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Jobin Yvon HORIBA UVISEL-NIR - view the equipment
> Optical measurements
> Surface roughness
> Material properties

Fizeau Interferometer

ZYGO Verifire GPI XP/D - view the equipment
> Measurement of surface profile & roughness

Surface Profiler

Bruker Dektak XTA
> Step and roughness
> 3D mapping
> 2D Stress measurement

Environnemental SEM & EDS systems

FEI Quanta 450W & EDAX APEX 21 - view the equipment
> Surface observations
> 3D reconstruction
> Chemical analyses (EDS)

Scanning confocal microscope

NANOJURA UHP - view the equipment
> Surface profile measurement

Thin film stress measurement system

FSM 500 TC - view the equipment
> Stress measurement
> Thermal expansion coef.
> Wafer bow height

Thin layer measurement system

Filmetrics F50-EXR
> Automated film thickness measurment
> Index mapping

Contact Angle Metrology

> Dynamic contact angle
> Liquid surface tension
> Wetting hysteresis

MEMS Analyser

Polytec MSA-500 - view the equipment
> MEMS/MOEMS dynamical analysis