Wet chemistry

MIMENTO technology center has two rooms dedicated to chemistry where six main functions are performed:

  • Surface cleaning: acid, base and solvent
  • Surface preparation: essentially based on piranha

These two steps of cleaning and preparation are fundamental in the success of a process, because bad cleaning or bad surface preparation can lead to defects in the final results.

  • Resist stripping for lift off process
  • Wet etching: possibility to etch metals (Al, Ti, Cu, Cr, Ni, Au…) with selective etchants or dielectric as SiO2 with BHF solution
  • Si patterns machining with KOH solution
  • Electroplating of Ni, Cu or Au

Stirrers, hot plates and ultrasonic tanks complete the wet benches of these two chemistry rooms.


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Hydrofluoric Acid Bench

HF VPE-100
> SiO2 and Ti etching
> Vapor HF Etching
Technical specifications


Electroplating Ni system

Yamamoto station Use:
> Hard mask for etching
> Items in nickel
> Vias filling
> 3", 4" and 6" wafers
Technical specifications


Chemical benches

Acid bench
Base bench
Solvents bench
> Metals wet etching
> Silicon wet etching
> Photoresist stripping
> Substrates cleaning

Technical specifications (Acid & solvent bench)

Technical specifications (KOH bench)



Ni electroplating
KOH wet etching