Industrial Line

This industrial production line is managed by a spin-off of FEMTO-ST : Frec|N|Sys. Its activity is dedicated to the fabrication of micro and nano-piezoelectric components as Acoustic Waves devices for RF and high quality structures for optics and microsystems markets. In that context, the company develops new competencies in the field of MEMS, particularly exploiting composite materials combining piezoelectric thinned wafers bounded to any single crystal wafer.

The originality of the project is to share this clean-room area between Research and Industry. In fact, this technology platform is unique in France, placing itself right at the heart of the worldwide competition.

The area of the clean-room is about 200m² in ISO 5. The main equipments available on this industrial line are: a high resolution lithography body9 i-line stepper, automatic coating and development tracks, one sputtering cluster, a high accuracy evaporation machine and several characterization set-ups (CD SEM equipment, probe station …).


frecnsys [at]

Sylvain BALLANDRAS: +33 (0)3 81 25 53 63
Emilie COURJON: +33 (0)3 81 25 53 54
(Production manager)

Main equipments

SVG 88 series
> Automatic coating & development tracks

Nikon NSR2005i9C
> Stepper (High resolution lithography machine)

Perkin Elmer 740
> Aligner (Projection photolithography machine)

Trikon Sigma 200
> Cathode sputtering

Balzers BAK760
> Evaporation

Hitachi S9220, S8840
> CD SEM (Critical dimension measurement system)

Süss Microtec MA6-GEN4
> DUV Aligner (Contact photolithography machine)