How to work with us

Within the framework of the French technological centers opening (Renatech network), the FEMTO-ST Institute is committed to support at MIMENTO projects from external laboratories or from industrial partners for research collaboration. Each request will be examined by a local committee and will lead to a discussion with the technical staff to check the feasibility of the project, its cost and the fabrication time. Depending on the technological project, external people will be invited to perform themselves some technological steps in the cleanroom.

A 5-step procedure:

1 - Contact Renatech

2 - Project feasability evaluation

  • Evaluation by a local commitee
  • Discussion with the technical staff
  • Feasibility: Yes / No ?

3 - Quote and shedule

  • Conducting trials if necessary
  • Plan schedule and deliverables
  • Issue a quotation

4 - Fabrication steps

  • Direct equipment access after training
  • Provide manufacturing services if requested

5 - Project monitoring

  • Acknowledgment section for any publication
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Annual project reporting

An access for industry



mimento [at]

Thomas BARON: +33 (0)3 81 40 28 96 Jean-Claude JEANNOT: +33 (0)3 63 08 24 78