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Sylwester BARGIEL
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Plasma Surface activation system

Nanoprep NP12 -  view the equipment
> Surface activation for low-temperature bonding applications

Megasonic wafer Cleaner & Wafer bonding inspection systems

CL200 & IR200 - view the equipment
> Final rinsing of wafers before bonding (reduction of particles)

Multi-wafer bonder

AML 402P - view the equipment
> Special bonding process (Anodic, Eutectic, Thermo-Compression & Direct)

Multi-wafer bonder

EVG 501 - view the equipment
> Special bonding process (Anodic, Eutectic, Thermo-Compression, Adhesive & Direct)

Automatic Flip-chip bonder

Süss Microtec FC250 - view the equipment
> Die to substrate bonding and interconnecting 

Semi-Automatic Wire Bonder

TPT HB-16 - view the equipment
> Wire bonding of electronic components

Pick and Place Die Bonder

TPT HB-70 - view the equipment
> Die bonding
> Assembly of micro-components

3D Laser Microfabrication System

FEMTO-Print f100 aHEAD - view the equipment
> 3D micromachining of transparent materials & local index modifications